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Ishihara 24 Plate edition Ishihara 24 Plate edition Price: £70.00 (DELIVERED) Keratron Scout Keratron Scout Price: £1,500.00 Essilor Visio office Reduced to Clear Essilor Visio office Was: £1,750.00 Now: £500.00
Trial frame Trial frame Price: £45.00 (DELIVERED) Nidek RT-1200 Reduced to Clear Nidek RT-1200 Was: £700.00 Now: £600.00 DRS Fundus camera DRS Fundus camera Price: £2,900.00
DISTANCE DUAL FIXATION DISPARITY UNIT Reduced to Clear DISTANCE DUAL FIXATION DISPARITY UNIT Was: £75.00 Now: £45.00 MARCO LENSMETER LM 101 MARCO LENSMETER LM 101 Price: £125.00 Wall Chart Box Wall Chart Box Price: £120.00
Topcon Retinal Camera Topcon Retinal Camera Price: £2,000.00 (DELIVERED) Floor stand for Nidek SC-1600 Floor stand for Nidek SC-1600 Price: £320.00 (DELIVERED) Control panel for RT-1200 Control panel for RT-1200 Price: £110.00 (DELIVERED)
Dicon LD400 Dicon LD400 Price: £450.00 Topcon NW6 Topcon NW6 Price: £1,595.00 (DELIVERED) Topcon NW6 Topcon NW6 Price: £1,500.00 (DELIVERED)
Frastema Combi unit Frastema Combi unit Price: £800.00 Trial lens set Trial lens set Price: £280.00 (DELIVERED) farnsworth 100 hue test farnsworth 100 hue test Price: £300.00 (DELIVERED)
amsler charts amsler charts Price: £40.00 (DELIVERED) KERATOMETER KERATOMETER Price: £100.00 Topcon VT-SD Phoropter Topcon VT-SD Phoropter Price: £550.00
CSO MODI 2 Reduced to Clear CSO MODI 2 Was: £2,600.00 Now: £2,350.00 Perkins Tonometer Perkins Tonometer Price: £295.00 (DELIVERED) Perkins Mk 2 tonometer Perkins Mk 2 tonometer Price: £695.00 (DELIVERED)

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