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Nidek AR-310A Auto-Refractor Reduced to Clear Nidek AR-310A Auto-Refractor Was: £2,950.00 Now: £2,495.00 Huvitz HRK-7000A Reduced to Clear Huvitz HRK-7000A Was: £5,100.00 Now: £4,460.00 Leica KR450 Auto Refractor/Keratometer Leica KR450 Auto Refractor/Keratometer Price: £2,500.00
MeDop RK-80 Autorefractor/Keratometer New In MeDop RK-80 Autorefractor/Keratometer Price: £2,500.00 Auto refractometer NIDEK AR-1000 Reduced to Clear Auto refractometer NIDEK AR-1000 Was: £640.00 Now: £550.00 Nidek Handy Ref-K Nidek Handy Ref-K Price: £7,000.00 (DELIVERED)
Nidek AR310 Nidek AR310 Was: £2,195.00 Now: £1,995.00 Nidek 5100 Phoropter Nidek 5100 Phoropter Price: £8,000.00 ACCUREF-K 9001 ACCUREF-K 9001 Price: £1,900.00 (DELIVERED)
Huvitz HRK-1 Huvitz HRK-1 Price: £3,900.00 Topcon RM-8000B auto refractometer Topcon RM-8000B auto refractometer Price: £1,800.00 Nikon Speedy-1 Reduced to Clear Nikon Speedy-1 Was: £2,000.00 Now: £1,500.00
huvitz auto-ref/keratometer HRK7000 huvitz auto-ref/keratometer HRK7000 Price: £4,200.00 plusoptix plusoptix Price: £5,500.00 (DELIVERED) nidek ar600a nidek ar600a Price: £1,800.00
auto refractor auto refractor Price: £3,000.00 (DELIVERED) TOPCON TRC-50IA TOPCON TRC-50IA Price: £3,500.00 NIDEK AR 1 NIDEK AR 1 Price: £5,200.00
nidek ark530a nidek ark530a Price: £5,200.00 Nidek Autorefractor ARK700A Nidek Autorefractor ARK700A Price: £2,500.00 Nidek ARK 700A Nidek ARK 700A Price: £2,500.00 (DELIVERED)
Huvitz HRK 7000 Auto ref/Keratometer Huvitz HRK 7000 Auto ref/Keratometer Price: £5,500.00 (DELIVERED) Nikon Auto Refractometer NR-5500 Nikon Auto Refractometer NR-5500 Price: £2,000.00

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