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Help: Packaging

We know how important it is that your parcel arrives safely and undamaged. Packing items carefully gets them off to a good start.

These reminders may help you:
  • Use a strong outer container
  • A corrugated fibreboard box with a good quality kraft outer wrapping is best. Sub-standard and damaged cartons can cause problems.
  • Wrap each item in the parcel individually
  • This takes a little longer, but offers better protection when there's no movement of content
  • Use corrugated book packs or padded envelopes. Pack with internal cushioning, particularly at the corners
Electrical and Hi-tech equipment
  • Use corrugated fibreboard boxes with internal cushioning to prevent movement and absorb shock
Nuts bolts small machine parts
  • Use Hessian or jute sacks, or for larger quantities pack tightly in a strong sealed and strapped carton
Fragile Items
  • Particularly those sensitive to vibration or shock must be well wrapped and placed as far away from the edges of the box as possible, with ample cushioning. Please mark box 'FRAGILE' so extra care can be taken
Sharp Instruments, Tools etc
  • All edges or points must be carefully protected to avoid injury to staff and agents or damage to other parcels. Ensure protective material cannot be dislodged in transit
Protect fragile items on their journey
  • Expanded polystyrene chips; polythene foam; bubble wrap air cushions or crumpled paper around all items is a good cushion against knocks and vibration.
  • Seal the parcel well
  • Make an 'H' seal with 48mm/50mm-wide plastic or reinforced carton tape on both the top and bottom of your package. Ordinary household adhesive tape isnā't usually strong enough & use good quality parcel tape
  • Strap and tape for extra protection
  • For heavier items you will need a strong outer carton, closed with tape. String around boxes isn't really suitable, but can be used around other wrappings.
  • Is the carton strong enough?

The table below may help you choose the most suitable carton material. The letters 'gsm' are the standard measurement for paper/card thickness. We also recommend an inner cushioning lining of at least 50mm as further protection against damage. A compensation claim for damage of contents will be deemed invalid if the parcel is inadequately packed or if the packaging is not retained for verification.

Weight of contents (Grade of carton)

Up to 5kg (200gsm)

5kg-10kg (300gsm )

10kg-15kg ( 150gsm double wall)

15kg-25kg ( 200gsm double wall)

25kg-30kg ( 300gsm double wall)

Addressing and documentation
  • Clear, accurate addressing
  • Using the full address and postcode is essential to ensure correct delivery. The phone number of the recipient also helps to avoid any delay. Include your own address and phone number on the outside and inside of your parcel too.
  • Correctly completed documentation
  • It is important to make sure that all necessary documentation is fully and accurately completed for all parcels, to avoid any delay in transit.
Heavy Parcels
  • In order to help us, your employees and your customers handle your Heavy Parcels safely and securely, can you please ensure that any packages over 30kg are suitably marked. Please write 'HEAVY' on any relevant parcels.

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