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Topcon Nw100 Fundus camera Reduced to Clear Topcon Nw100 Fundus camera Was: £1,500.00 Now: £1,000.00 Huvitz HRK-7000A Reduced to Clear Huvitz HRK-7000A Was: £5,100.00 Now: £4,460.00 Topcon TRC-50DX Retinal Camera Type IA Reduced to Clear Topcon TRC-50DX Retinal Camera Type IA Was: £10,500.00 Now: £9,000.00
Rimless Drilling Machine Reduced to Clear Rimless Drilling Machine Was: £2,000.00 Now: £1,500.00 Low vision equipment New In Low vision equipment Price: £100.00 (DELIVERED) Nidek AR-660A Reduced to Clear Nidek AR-660A Was: £2,300.00 Now: £1,400.00
Test Chart Reduced to Clear Test Chart Was: £200.00 Now: £150.00 SL 901/R Slit Lamp Reduced to Clear SL 901/R Slit Lamp Was: £750.00 Now: £700.00 Electric Test Chair Reduced to Clear Electric Test Chair Was: £700.00 Now: £495.00
Tomey TM-2000B Reduced to Clear Tomey TM-2000B Was: £950.00 Now: £850.00 Portable Focimeter Reduced to Clear Portable Focimeter Was: £95.00 Now: £75.00 Phantom 9 pot tint bath Reduced to Clear Phantom 9 pot tint bath Was: £600.00 Now: £450.00
Topcon NW5 Camera w/software Reduced to Clear Topcon NW5 Camera w/software Was: £2,000.00 Now: £1,500.00 Nidek AFC210 Fundus Camera Reduced to Clear Nidek AFC210 Fundus Camera Was: £6,500.00 Now: £4,500.00 Topcon fundus camera w/software Reduced to Clear Topcon fundus camera w/software Was: £1,000.00 Now: £750.00
Keeler Vista Diagnostic Set Reduced to Clear Keeler Vista Diagnostic Set Was: £650.00 Now: £550.00 Keeler Specialist ophthalmoscope Reduced to Clear Keeler Specialist ophthalmoscope Was: £750.00 Now: £650.00 Bolle protection/sports goggle/glasses Save 50% Bolle protection/sports goggle/glasses Was: £190.00 Now: £90.00
Canon CR-DGI Reduced to Clear Canon CR-DGI Was: £4,500.00 Now: £4,000.00 Takara Belmont electric chair Reduced to Clear Takara Belmont electric chair Was: £600.00 Now: £450.00 Keratometer Reduced to Clear Keratometer Was: £600.00 Now: £400.00
Near Mallet unit Reduced to Clear Near Mallet unit Was: £150.00 Now: £75.00 Perkins Tonometer Mk3 Perkins Tonometer Mk3 Was: £1,200.00 Now: £1,050.00 Tint bath 6 pot Reduced to Clear Tint bath 6 pot Was: £354.00 Now: £250.00

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