Smart Mirror

£800.00 (Delivered)

Reference: OMP9772 Age: 7-8 years Location: West Midlands

ACEP Smart Mirror 2
Used but in good condition.
The Smart Mirror is an all-in-one hardware and software system that will enable you to easily and effectively demonstrate and dispense frames, lenses, and color contact lenses to your patient. Smart Mirror enables your patients to actually see how they will look in any frame from your dispensary; see their lens material thickness and magnification or minification; view accurate simulation of AR, polarized and photochromic lenses; and simulate the effect of color contact lenses on their eyes. Affordable and easy to use, smart mirror provides top performance and space saving at its best. Its all-in-one design features a 19" touch screen and a high resolution camera. Most importantly, Smart Mirror enables your practice to compete on service and customer satisfaction; the key building blocks to your successful future.

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OMP9772 Smart Mirror N/A £800.00

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