Pediatric Eye Care

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Reference: OMP16442 Age: > 10 years Location: Devon

Pediatric Eye Care

Section 1 Development: Genetics Embryology Child visual development Amblyopia Section 2 Examination of the Child: The eye examination - methods and techniques Clinical measurement of vision and visual acuity Refraction Investigation of binocular vision The optometric investigation of children with dyslexia Examining children for colour deficiency Electrophysiological techniques Section 3 Abnormal Neurological Ocular and Orbital Conditions: Diseases of the eye and orbit Paediatric neurodevelopmental disorders Ocular signs of child abuse Section 4 Management and Treatment of the Child Patient: Working with parents - concepts and techniques Management of ametropia Spectacle dispensing Paediatric contact lens practice Management of anomalies of binocular vision Psychosomatic visual anomalies Children with low vision

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OMP16442 Pediatric Eye Care N/A £18.00

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