Huvitz HPE-410 and HAB-8000X

£16,000.00 (Delivered)

Reference: OMP19195 Age: 1-2 years Location: Cardiff Area


Selling both machines as a unit, the Huvitz HPE-410 edger has a touchscreen UI and adaptive clamp. The Huvitz HAB-8000X auto-blocker which has an integrated high performance lensmeter that automatically checks the RX meaning no more marking up of lenses. The HAB-8000X is quick and easy to use and offers a reliable marking up and blocking service.
The machine has cut less than 1,000 pairs and it has always been connected to the mains water, but a tank, pipe and tubes are also available.
I'm sad to have to let it go, it has been a great and reliable system but we are now outsourcing our glazing, so it doesn't really get used much.
Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP19195 Huvitz HPE-410 and HAB-8000X N/A £16,000.00

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