Volk Transcend Vold Gonio TVG Surgical ans


Reference: OMP9103

Volk Transcend Vold Gonio TVG Surgical ans

Primary Application

Micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and other intraoperative gonioscopy procedures

Developed by MIGS pioneer Transcend Medical and Dr. Steven Vold, Volk Optical is proud to exclusively bring you the TVG surgical lens.

The TVG has been designed specifically for MIGS and all intraoperative gonioscopy procedures. Its floating lens feature, with stabilization ring and multiple pivot points, provides precise ocular control and clear angle visualization.

The TVG lens can be steam sterilized; it is constructed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without image degradation over time.


  • Stabilize and control the globe during delicate ab interno procedures

  • Minimize pressure on the cornea to maintain a clear view without anterior chamber distortion

  • Visualize iridocorneal angle in primary phaco position, with minimal microscope and head adjustments

  • Ambidextrous handle enables all surgeons to use a single goniolens
  • 2/3 week lead time

Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP9103 Volk Transcend Vold Gonio TVG Surgical ans N/A £1,105.00

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