G6 - Gonio Lens Large Ring


Reference: OMP8865

G6 - Gonio Lens Large Ring

Primary Application:

Static and Dynamic Gonioscopy

Features & Benefits:

  • Six closely aligned mirrors eliminate gaps providing a true 360� panoramic view.
  • More complete mirror structure can reduce examination time by 25% or more:
    • Simpler to locate position and scan across mirrors; no confusion where one view ends and the next begins.
    • Reduces need to manoeuver slit lamp.
  • Enhanced lens body design improves utility:
    • A tapered profile less prone to a patient squeezing off the eye.
    • A taller, narrower body easier to hold within the orbit.
  • No flange/fluid design simplifies the examination
  • Delivery is 2/3 weeks 
Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP8865 G6 - Gonio Lens Large Ring N/A £415.00

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