Tonopen Avia


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Tonopen Avia

The Reichert TONO-PEN AVIA Tonometer is an easy-to-use, hand-held instrument that provides IOP readings that correlate strongly with Goldmann Tonometry. TONO-PEN AVIA has a lightweight, ergonomic design and advanced electronic measurement technology that enables operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurements with minimal training. TONO-PEN AVIA is powered by a long-life TONOPEN AVIA POWERCEL� battery pack, good for over 2,500 measurements. TONO-PEN AVIA, like the TONO-PEN� XL, uses sanitized OCU-FILM� + Tip Covers to minimize the risk of patient cross-contamination.


TONO-PEN AVIA is designed to help eliminate operator error and functions in any position, making it ideal for use with all of your patients, including those in beds or wheelchairs. Activated by the push of a button, the IOP measurement is displayed on two large, easy-to-read LCD screens. Patients will appreciate the quick and gentle measurement process.


With its contemporary ergonomic design, TONO-PEN AVIA is a very versatile addition to your practice. The LCD screens are positioned on either side of the TONO-PEN AVIA so both left and right handed users can visualize the measurement. The overmolded grip zones help stabilize the TONO-PEN AVIA in virtually all hand sizes. TONO-PEN AVIA is extremely portable and comfortable to hold, making it easy to take IOP measurements anywhere, on any patient.

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