National Optronics 7E optical lens dry cut edger


Reference: OMP15730 Age: 9-10 years Location: Cheshire

National Optronics 7E optical lens dry cut edger


MACHINE HAS HAD NEW POWER SUPPLY FITTED, AND COMES COMPLETE WITH NEW VACUUM AND MULTI CUTTER ASSEMBLY (1 x primary standard bevel carbide blade & 3 separate optional bevel carbide blades)

Multifunctional 3D edging system with advanced finishing capabilities. • Drilling and grooving in one process • Flexibility to process all bevel types • Processes 16mm B measurements • Reduces slippage and crazing • Reliable and industrial construction

Edge high base lenses and complex shapes through the 7E’s unique cutter design. Standard cutting system- rough, finish, polish, groove and safety bevels. “Switch on the fly” to the multi-fluted cutter, which provides four different bevel geometries.

Precise Drilling: Control profits and performance with the cost effective, versatile drilling option. Easily retrieve thousands of pre-programmed drill data from manufacturers’ specifications or easily input new ones.

Advanced Clamping: The electric clamping system minimises slippage and crazing with controlled clamping forces.

Environmentally Friendly, eliminates messy and non-environmentally safe coolants without sacrificing product quality.

On-screen Assist: Real-time process control. Integrated, intelligent software provides directional assistance for even the most inexperienced operator. Access on-screen operations, maintenance and parts manuals with the touch of a button.

Range: Maximum lens blank size: 100mm (effective diameter) • Minimum finishing B size with (standard) half eye clamping assembly: 18mm rimless; 20mm bevel • Minimum finishing B size with optional reduced clamping assembly: 16mm rimless; 18mm bevel

Communications: • OMAIVCA compatible • Stand alone

Facilities Power: 1500 W dedicated circuit; 230 VAC 50Hz, 1500W dedicated circuit height: 28.4” (72.0 cm) Depth: 26.6” (67.5 cm) Width: 25.3” (64.3 cm) Weight: 135 Ibs (61 kg)

Reference: Description: Option: Unit Price: Quantity:
OMP15730 National Optronics 7E optical lens dry cut edger N/A £14,500.00

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