Sheridan Gardner - Comprehensive


Reference: OMP5504

Sheridan Gardner - Comprehensive

When testing children it is often difficult to retain their attention during an examination. The Sheridan Gardiner Test is a well established test designed for children but suitable for disabled people, those with learning difficulties or patients who do not share a common language with the examiner. 

This comprehensive package also includes Orthoptic Booklets 6/60-6/18 Red Cover (catalogue number SNT-315-R), 6/18-6/6 Yellow Cover (catalogue number SNT-315-Y), 6/6- 6/3 Green Cover (catalogue number SNT-315-G) and booklet Near Vision Blue Cover (catalogue number SNT-315-B), plus an OAT Hamlin Chart. 

The Sheridan Gardiner Test contains near vision, distance and a reduced Snellen Test. The method of testing depends on matching shapes and results are more reliable than those obtained with illiterate E tests.  This test is suitable for testing;

  • Children;
  • People with learning difficulties; 
  • Where a language barrier exists.
  • 2204-P-1063
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