Essilor Gamma Edger


Reference: OMP11715 Age: 8-9 years Location: Cambridgeshire

Essilor Gamma Edger

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Essilor Gamma Edger
About 8 years old which i was using up until a couple of weeks ago.
This edger has the necessary wheels for glass & plastic glazing with V edge or flat finish.
It won't drill, nylon supra groove or polish.
It does need a new 'loom' cable which i believe is approx. £350 + fitting from Essilor. Without this cable shallow frames twist of axis considerably but it is something Essilor have in stock & isn't expensive to fix.
You may also need to change the wheels in 6 - 12 months depending on usage as the wheels are wearing but not essential straight away.
In saying all that if anyone is prepared to spend approx £350 for the loom then it is a good edger.
There are sign of age and use on the machine
Serial number: 092106
Number of jobs done: 131,237

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