Anyview Pro Digital Dispensing system (desktop)

Was: £2,750.00, Now £2,000.00

Reference: OMP9171 Age: 1-2 years Location: Cambridgeshire

This dispensing system is almost 2 years old but in prestine condition with only be used a handful of times.

It comes with 4 parts: the mirror, micro pc, keyboard & a case with jig/ head mirror needed to take measurements. The only thing you will need is a standard monitor or TV screen to connect to pc unit.

Available to collect or we can deliver for additional costs

Anyview is the ultimate total dispensing solution.

Combining highly accurate measurements, open-brand lens selection, stunning 3D graphics and real-world lens simulations, and genuinely life like frames on face visualizations, it's tomorrow's solution today.

Anyview is for any dispense - whether you're consulting for lenses, frames, sunglasses or contact lenses.

The bespoke 10 Megapixel digital SLR camera with autofocus and 16x zoom provides unsurpassed image quality and resolution, leading to improved measurement accuracy and more life-like frames-on-face images. This camera is far superior to any ipad/ tablet version on the market so will produce far better images & be more accurate with measurements.

Anyview's powerful graphics and animations enable you to do the following:

Progressive lens simulations based on variable dioptric power can be viewed in different real-world scenarios.

Explain the benefits of individual progressive/free form lenses, showing less peripheral distortion, improved comfortable posture, wider near vision, better contrast, irradiation and sharpness.

Compare the visual effects of different lens designs, from spherical, aspherical, and double-sided aspherical, to higher refractive index lenses.

Show the differences in lens materials, such as glass, plastic, and polycarbonate.

Demonstrate MAR coatings and UV coatings as well as photochromic and polarized lenses.

"Real-time" can show the cosmetic appearance of the prescription lens fitted to the selected frame on the patient's face, as well as this, tints from various manufacturers can be overlaid, in variable transmission levels in both full and differing graduations.

Display lens thickness based on dioptric power, design, and material, in either uncut or glazed form in various frame styles and colours.

"Patient education" shows the symptoms and causes of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia and shows how it can be corrected with a prescription lens.

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OMP9171 Anyview Pro Digital Dispensing system (desktop) N/A £2,000.00

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